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Elegantly integrated design, conquers any climb with minimum effort
If you are looking for the battery on the new BULLS E-Stream models you will have to inspect it closely. The E-STREAM has been designed with a downtube that neatly tucks away the battery. This uncompromising frame features a mid-engine, which ensures a better center of gravity. A second look at the endurance values prove that this detailed masterpiece does not pose any technical disadvantages.

With a 37V, 490 watt-hour battery the E-Stream FS Enduro is one of the strongest on the market. With the E-STREAM models you can always expect a smoother e-biking experience thanks to special sensor technology on the all new Brose drivetrains. Brose motors are based on a steering motor that has been produced a million times for the car industry and perfected a drive concept for high-quality eBikes. Nearly soundless and vibration-free, the motor produced entirely in Germany delivers nothing but strength and smooth operation. The Brose drivetrains are all designed to supply a perfect pedal assist support, harmoniously and powerfully.

The bike is built with a RockShox Pike RCT3 fork that offers 160mm of travel. Rear suspension duties are handled by a 3-position compression adjustment RockShox Monarch Plus. Hydraulic Shimano Saint Brakes with Ice Technology assure your pads and rotors stay cool to provide efficient braking in even the most extreme conditions. Three modes are available for the pedal assist and can easily switched to adapt to the type of riding you are doing whether it is long distance commuting or off-road adventuring.


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