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True mobility for everyone in the Cross and Urban areas.

The BULLS Cross Lite E is a proven and excellent hybrid for both touring and gravel roads. With an athletically relaxed position, this on a pedal assisted bicycle that will make your commute to work faster, or or take you on a pedal through nature that’s even breezier.

The model is built around a lightweight 7005 aluminum frameset with a mid-engine drivetrain set-up. A Bosch Performance Line mid-drive, 250W, offering 60Nm of torque. Power is supplied by a 36V, 400 watt-hour battery offering more than 105 miles of riding, depending on conditions and terrain.
You can extend battery life to or achieve further distances, depending on which of the four power modes you choose to pedal on.

The Cross Lite E achieves a 100% battery recharge in just 3.5 hours making it one of the fastest charging eBike batteries on the market today. The Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, provides smooth and even braking, even in the most extreme conditions. A 63mm Suntour fork with a lockout, making it rigid when going up a hill and needing to conserve energy. A 10-speed drivetrain is laced on to have plenty of gear range to help you accomplish your ride no matter how steep or far the terrain is.


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